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Hi, thank you for visiting SANDIEGOCLONES.COM

During this transition, new management is working very hard behind the scenes to assure that we have everything perfect!

To be added to our call back list, as of Aug 13, 2016 you can call and leave a message, text message or email with the following information included.

Please provide us with the following information

- What is your full name?

- What is your contact number?

- What city do you live in?

- Are you a qualified patient with a valid medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation and ID?  This information will be collected during the verification process if you decide to order anything.

- Please tell us how many clones you’d like to obtain, what your strain preference is and how often you think you might want to reconnect for more clones.

- - - We will gather this information and contact everyone on the list VERY SOON to discuss availability.  (This will get everyone off to a good start)

After this has been done.  The menu will be updated regularly.

This information is also included in our voicemail.

Talk to you all soon and thank you so much for your patience.



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